Progress Through Unity

NJT-UTU Assignments

From Mike Reilly:
I had discussions with A. Soto, M. Jablonskyj and L. Barone of NJT today pertaining to not filling 63 positions this past weekend. (June 14 thru June 16)
NJT is short of manpower which is a combination of the busy summer season with vacations and the creation of 32 assignments on the NEC due to trackwork. They want to fill these positions, however, they must protect the Conductor and Rear Brake assignments first, before the TC assignments.
NJT will be looking at options to protect filling all the above assignments.
If you desire to work your relief days, please inform the crew caller in advance. Members can apply to the supplemental list for work on their relief day(s). 
We don’t want to lose any assignments by not being able to fill them, and at the same time, we do not want the carrier to over hire for when times are a bit slower.
I understand that some members only want to work passenger, others only yard and flag  work, but if you are NOT being called for work on relief days, please let me know ASAP with the details. Please keep in mind that TC assignments will be the first to be blanked.
Thank you, 
Michael J Reilly
General Chairman – United Transportation Union