Progress Through Unity

Meadowlands Update

On this week’s Trainman Bulletin, will be the additional qualifications for the NY Conductor’s Extra List to include West End-Meadowlands.
In preparation for Super Bowl NJT is adding this qualification. Listed below are some of the provisions:
A) Anyone on the NY Conductors extra list between now and January 15, 2014, will be given the opportunity to qualify from West End-Meadowlands. 
B) Compensation will be one day’s pay. (or earnings of current assignment)
C) Employees will be allowed to do this qualifying on their “relief day” and earn time and one half payment.
D) After the Super Bowl week, the requirement for the qualification between West End & Meadowlands, will BE REMOVED from the NY Conductor’s extra list.
E) Maps and Study Guides for the test are available. They can be obtained in Hoboken, or any officer and myself can email them upon request.
F) The NJT supervisor assigned to monitor the qualifying is Trainmaster Sean Kushnir, and he can be reached at cell – 973-951-2319, office 973-863-4640 or email