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Uniform News

from Mike Reilly:


Members:   I am very pleased that Angel Soto, Patty Siano, Cookie Doyle and myself worked together to offer the below options for our members. As you know, we had some issues with our “other than passenger” members recently pertaining to ordering of items other than passenger uniforms. You will notice that a member can now choose a passenger uniform OR use $500 in credit toward the listed items (prices are also listed below). You may choose to get a passenger uniform OR the yard clothing in any one (1) year. NJT requires all 2013 orders placed by the end of November for accounting purposes. Year 2014 orders can begin in January.   These orders for the yard items can start immediately, if you did not place your 2013 order.   Also, in spring of 2014, NJT will be requiring all yard/flagman to wear some type of hi-visibility shirt or vest on while performing duty.   The number for this & That uniform is 609-646-1522.   Please assist in getting this posted.       Michael J. Reilly General Chairman – UTU/Smart