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General Chairman November Monthly Report 2013


November  2013

  • On behalf of the entire Local 60 membership, I would like to congratulate our recent retiree(s), and wish them & their families the best in their new future:  William Holzendorf & Dennis Pardee

  • Effective with the (2) Thanksgiving Holiday’s this month, payment for all Holiday’s will be automatic. It will no longer be necessary to submit timeslips for Holiday’s with code 923. This will greatly improve the timely payment for all members, with not having to rely on the submission, mailing and input of timeslips. With almost 1,100 members, this will reduce the submissions to the payroll department by 2,200 timeslips just for the Thanksgiving Holiday’s.

  • Payment for Rules/Re-certification & Training classes at the ROC, will also change, within the next few weeks. When implemented, there will no longer be a need to get your timeslip signed, and submitted to payroll. The instructor will have a sign in sheet, employee will sign in, and the instructor will then email that to payroll for payment. It will cut down on the mailing of approximately 20 timeslips for each class. Many members were complaining that they were not getting paid in a timely manner when attending rules/re-cert classes. This should improve these payments.

  • The gas miles payments have also been reduced to approximately 4 weeks. I do request that members do not “hold out” miles expense forms in order to receive a bigger lump sum payment. Please  submit monthly, which will enable payroll to have greater control of the inputting and tracking of the outstanding payment log.

  • Members are reminded that vacation/personal days cannot be carried over to 2014. Sick days may be carried over and kept in your sick day bank.

  • TRO-12 instruction 1.1.14 pertains to Conductors notifying a supervisor or the train dispatcher when the engineer fails to report 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. We have had a few cases in relation to this subject. If the Conductor does not notify supervision and the train is delayed/annulled, the conductor will be charged. If the engineer is not there, abide by the TRO-12 rule.

  • The entire Hoboken Division is now accepting Mobile Ticketing. The Raritan Line and North Jersey Coast line were active since November 15th. The NEC and Atlantic City Line will be active on December 15th. If our train crews have any questions or suggestions, they may email the mobile ticketing team for NJT at or UTU officers Joe Morgan & Simon Reichman.

  • Please familiarize yourself with the Local 60 website at If there is any information you think would assist our membership, please let me know.

  • On Friday, November 22nd, 6 members of the General Committee and myself met with Kevin O’Connor, Angel Soto & Mike Jablonskyj for a follow-up to our October 23rd meeting pertaining to the Super Bowl. Several items were discussed, which will be issued to the membership as items get finalized. This is a “draft” for the extra assignments for the week, subject to change: Wednesday thru Friday – 5 crews and 10 TC’s daily. Saturday – 18 crews and 36 TC’s. Sunday – 17 passenger crews, 6 non-revenue crews and 28 TC’s.

  • Some of the schedule of events for Super Bowl week include the following: Monday 1/27 Teams arrive at hotels, Tuesday 1/28 Media Day at Prudential Center in Newark, Wednesday 1/29 to Saturday 2/1 there will be a “Super Bowl Boulevard” along Broadway in NYC, open from noon to 10 pm daily.There will be NO service to MetLife Stadium during the week, only on game day (Sunday).  NJT will be offering a $50 “Super Pass” for travel on any NJ Transit rail, bus, light rail or access link service. The pass will be accepted for travel from Monday Jan. 27 thru Monday Feb 3rd.

  • NJT held test runs with 10 car multi-level sets for loading/unloading of trains at Secaucus and MetLife Stadium on November 10th, and will be doing the same again on December 8th.

  • NJT has applied for a waiver from the FRA Passenger Hours of Service for a (4) day period between Friday, Jan 31st thru Monday February 3rd. This request seeks exemption from the mandatory rest requirement after an employee has worked 14 consecutive days or the 24 hours off after working six consecutive days with a Type 2 assignment included. I have been  contacted by FRA and asked if UTU was in approval of this waiver, and we indicated that we were. NJT has not been notified by FRA yet if this waiver will be granted or rejected.

  • Uniforms – Members are reminded to request their current year uniform by the end of November. There will be no request for uniforms in December. Then, starting in January, members can call and order their 2014 uniforms. Members working in Yard/Flagging service now have the option to receive clothing for that service in lieu of the passenger uniform. This & That uniform can be reached at 609-646-1522. Our contacts there are Keith & Maria.

  • Members going for Conductor Certification (once every 3 years) are reminded to inquire to obtain the study guides to assist in preparation for the physical characteristics part of testing.

  • I urdge all members to go to the Railroad Retirement Board website at and register for a “password request code”. Once completed you will be able to inquire on your earnings & other items relating to your retirement. This is a one time set-up. Also, new to the site is that you can download sickness applications. If members do have questions on retirement, please call and get the correct answer at 877-772-5772.

  • Remitting – Check your receipt after remitting. Make sure the numbers of your 2C-1’s that you submitted are accurate. Make sure the input information is correct, and keep your receipts for 6 months.

  • Conductor Flagman must report to the respective Chief Dispatcher  for their on duty time and also for their final release time. If not reported, they will not receive any overtime payments.

  • We have had several cases of members either misplacing or getting stock stolen from their vehicles. Request that everyone keep their stock in a safe place and avoid being charged for the lost stock. Also, we are cutting less stock with the ticket machines at all stations, therefore I recommend that you do have take out more than 1 book in addition to the one currently in use. Only take out what you will need.

  • When you are used as a Conductor or Asst. Conductor “mentor” when the student shadows your assignment, please use code 037. Also, you must include the trainee name and employee number on the timeslip when you claim the 4 hour straight time payment.

Member Information Report since last Union Meeting –


Retirements (2), Resignations (1), Dismissals (0)


Hearings & Investigations – G-250’s issued – (31) in October and (9) to date in November




JC Reddy – 1’25” deadhead, working relief day on 9/9

Vince Albaneese – Earnings of assignment for 10/24 & 10/25 for court appearance

Marcus Flores – 4 hours called not used for 11/11

J Murphy – 1’ 12” at OT rate account train late on 10/14

All 20 members of the March 2013 class $375 uniform allowance for 2013

T Dougan – $375 for 2013 uniform allowance

JC Reddy – 1.34 hours deadhead payment for 9/9

Leon Lawson – Earnings of OMVAX1 for October 29th

J Jackson – Earnings of assignment UM-8 on 11-19 account crew management error

   Michael J. Reilly

   General Chairman