Progress Through Unity

Updates/Changes with NJT

Recently your union officers had (2) meetings with the carrier pertaining to suggestions & improvements for our members. As a result, the following items will be changed:
1. The 013 payment made when an employee works his/her relief day and then does not have sufficient rest under the hours of service to work their assignment the following day, will be restored and the employee will receive an 8 hour payment.
2. Atlantic City assignments will be advertised with an Assistant Conductor (Rear Brakeman) position, replacing the current Ticket Collector assignments. (Currently the Atlantic City assignments are Conductor only, some trains do not have a Ticket Collector). Now all trains will have a minimum of a Conductor & Asst. Conductor. The Asst. Conductors will sign up earlier, be able to have a proper job briefing with the Conductor, & work with the same crew for the entire tour of duty. The only exception is the Conductor will do the fuel moves.
The above changes will be effective on or about December 15th.
 Michael Reilly
General Chairman