Progress Through Unity

General Chairman Report August 2014

August 2014

On behalf of the entire Local 60 membership, I would like to congratulate the following member(s) which have recently retired, and wish them the best in their retirement years: Thomas Detweiler, William Gordon & Michael Thomas.
The 1st contract negotiating session with NJT and the assigned mediator from the National Mediation Board has been scheduled for Wednesday, September 3rd. Transportation Division International Vice-President Doyle Turner, who has been assigned to assist our General Committee is also scheduled to attend.
I urge members to view and read some articles published in the August 2014 Railway Age magazine at

The articles are, “when you get a good deal, take it” and “BLET in catbird seat over crew consist”. Also, go to the digital edition and read the article on page 18, which describes some recent crew consist agreements on the BNSF Railroad. As information, after reading the articles, you will note the differences between UTU and BLET. BLET General Chairman Decker and myself have worked together, and will continue to do so, on numerous occasions for enhancements for both of our members.
Special Board of Adjustment – The SBA hearings that were postponed in April, May & June, have now been scheduled for Tuesday, September 9th. We will have (10) cases to argue, which will include dismissals, suspensions, member reimbursement and an extra board grievance.
Track 5 in Newark Penn Station, which will be closed for approximately 3 months due to construction, at the sole request of UTU, we now have a room for our crews to relax/eat. The room is located downstairs by the Newark Light Rail in the trainmasters office. Also, Window # 1 has been assigned as the dedicated window for remittances.
Starting at 5:00 PM Sunday August 25th thru 8:00 AM Friday August 29th the Mens Quarters at Hotel Pennsylvania in New York will undergo scheduled maintenance. This will be comprised of tub/shower glazing, painting, and general overall cleaning including carpets. During this time the Presidential Suite Room 1750 will be used as the temporary Mens Quarters. This Suite has three bedrooms, two of the bedrooms have double beds and the third has a king bed, 3 bathrooms, sitting areas and tables and chairs along with a TV. The hotel will also have cots in the suite for employee use during this time period.
TC assignments in Trenton, which were at 68, are being reviewed at UTU request. With the manpower shortages for months now, NJT was preparing to eliminate some TC positions which over the years were added without taking the entire schedule or equipment into consideration. I requested before assignments were changed, that all Trenton TC assignments be reviewed. As a result we will gain OT which was/will be added to existing assignments. After the Trenton TC assignments are done, Dover TC assignments will be reviewed.
With trying to reduce cost for the local, I have eliminated the 800 number for the Local 60 office. Also eliminated were (2) other lines that were being underutilized. The following are the active numbers for the UTU office: 973-527-7018 & 7019. The fax number remains the same at 973-527-7020.
When members have been off for an extended period of time, and are returning to work, they will be required to pay any insurance payments, loan payments, and the required monthly medical payments that may be owed. These deductions are normally withheld from the first paycheck upon the employee’s return to service. If the member does not want all of those deductions to be withheld in the first paycheck upon returning, I have made provisions with the NJ Transit Payroll Department that they can make a reasonable accommodation to spread the payment over a certain time period. However, it is the responsibility of the employee to contact the Payroll Deductions Department prior to the first pay check to make any special arrangement. You can call 973-378-6585 or 973-378-6322.
Working Fund – Every member working in passenger service is required to have their $100 working fund with them when working. There are NO exceptions to this rule. Also, any unpunched tickets in your possession will result in discipline up to and including dismissal.
With the recent manpower shortages and the increase of members wanting to work their relief days, the calling procedures for the supplemental list was updated for a trial period. Employees wishing to work a relief day will call the day before between 12 noon and 8 PM. Members will call and leave a message with their name & employee number. They will be put on the supplemental list according to the time they called, which is also documented. The Newark Division number is 201-246-2980 and the Hoboken Division number is 201-246-2982. This procedure will assist with (1) having a current list of employees that want to work and not have to make numerous calls to get someone to accept and (2) will enable us to have accurate records so everyone has equal opportunity to work overtime.
Qualifying Conductors now receive a “walk-around” when qualifying the portion of Hoboken terminal. This should assist with preparation for the test and also better prepare them for working in the terminal.
Rail Payroll – I send a representative to rail payroll every Tuesday to correct/inquire on payroll issues. I have been requesting now for many months that members check their earnings statements on a weekly basis. There should be no pay issue that is not presented to a union officer which goes beyond (6) weeks. We have been very successful in getting our members the money that they are due. However, we need this information to be accurate and on a timely basis.Timeslips are picked up by courier from NYP, Hoboken and Newark Track 5 every morning Monday thru Friday then delivered to Maplewood payroll by 11:00 am.
I urge all members to visit the railroad retirement website at and get an assigned “pin” number, the VSP (vision) website at and Great West website for your 401/457 website On the Great West website, members can also update their beneficiaries. These are part of your benefits are all just a one time set-up.
The next schedule change/optional displacement is tentatively scheduled for November.
Last, but not least, be courteous, look professional and PROTECT OUR WORK!
Member Information Report since last Union Meeting
Retirements (3), Resignations (0), Dismissals (0)
Hearings & Investigations – G-250’s issued – (22) in July and (27) to date in August.
A Luongo – Earnings of assignment account EAP for June 19, 20 & 21
S Galasso – Earnings of assignment NY-14 for July 12 and July 13 account held of of work
S McGeady – (4) hours straight time for working relief day on 7/1
S Zucker – (3) hours at OT rate for 6/29
M Shulman – Conductor rate for working off conductor list for 6/4, 6/7 & 6/12
M Shulman – (1) way DH payment for working BH assignment on 6/18
M Difranchi – Conductor rate for Holiday on 7/4
H Deppenschmidt – (6) hours DH & (4) hours straight time for 7/6
M Krzyszton – (4) hours straight time & 2 hours 30 mins at OT rate for 7/15
T Shuffler – Conductor rate for 7/21, AC to SSY & (4) hours straight time for 6th start and (3) hours DH for 7/27
I Worrell – Continuous time for 7/27
M Alonso – (8) hour 013 payment for 7/14
J Villani – 30 minute 057 and additional OT payments for 7/11,12,13 & 14
M Estrada – (4) hours for mentoring on 6/26, (4) hours straight time for working 6th starts on 7/7 and 7/21
S Adamczyk – (4) hours at straight time for working during vacation on 7/16 & 7/17
M Siegel – 2014 Uniform Allowance upon returning to work
M Stone – Entire earnings of 13 hours and 30” 013 payment for working extra on 8/3
R Carbonello – (8) hour 013 payment for 7/5
D Pininich – (8) hour 013 payment for 6/22
J Royster – (8) hour 013 payment for 6/21
Michael J. Reilly
General Chairman