Progress Through Unity

Mediation Update


As you know from my previous emails and monthly report, we attended our 1st mediation session with the assigned mediator from the NMB and NJT officials on Wednesday, September 3rd.

I am attempting to keep everyone informed on the process as we go along, so we all know where we are at.

Present at the meeting for the UTU was your General Committee, myself, and our assigned International Vice-President Doyle Turner. NJT had (6) representatives.
The yardmaster’s General Chairman also attended this meeting, as the same mediator is assigned for their negotiations.

The mediator set the ground work with what she will expect from both sides, and discussion followed for some starting points of the negotiations, she then set up (2) mandatory meetings for Wednesday, October 15th & Thursday, November 6th.

We must stay united, as this process may take some time. But, with the intervention of the mediator, I feel confident that we will move more swiftly to resolving our disputes and getting a fair and reasonable contract for our members.

Michael J. Reilly
General Chairman – SMART Transportation Division GO 610