Progress Through Unity

General Chairman’s Report September 2014

Below is the report I presented at the September monthly union meeting for those that could not attend.

September 2014
● The Fall Optional Displacement is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, November 9th.
● The 1st contract negotiating session with the assigned mediator from the National Mediation Board, NJT and the General Committee was held on Wednesday, September 3rd. Transportation Division International Vice President Doyle Turner, who has been assigned to assist our General Committee was also present. A 2nd session will be held on Wednesday, October 15th, which was scheduled by the mediator. The General committee along with International VP Turner will meet beforehand on Wednesday October 1st. The mediator has also scheduled a date in November.
● Special Board of Adjustment The SBA hearings that were postponed for several months account the funding at the National Mediation Board were held on Tuesday, September 9th. I presented the (9) cases for our members, and (1) member requested a postponement for his case. Once presented to the arbitrator, these cases are final and binding.
● Members are reminded that the “paid” holidays for the remainder of 2014 are as follows: Thursday & Friday November 27th/28th, Wednesday & Thursday, December 24th/25th, and Wednesday,December 31st.
● Reminder for contacting the union office. I have eliminated the 800 number. Also eliminated were (2) other lines that were being underutilized. The following are the active numbers for the UTU office: 973-527-7018 & 7019. The fax number remains the same at 973-527-7020.
● I continue to attempt to update your Local 60 website at I ask members to go to the site and browse for information. If anyone has any suggestions for additions/improvements please let me know. Recently added to the website are the deadhead/miles for the various terminals and also a payroll shortage form. I have made much information available to members on the site, some include: our agreement, critical incident agreement, vacation/personal days according to your year of hire, contact information for your benefits, officers contact information and much more.
● This & That uniform company will be at the following locations to take measurements & orders. All 2014 uniform orders must be made by November 30th. Raritan on Tuesday, Sept. 30, Hoboken on Wednesday, Oct. 1st both from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm and NYP on Thursday, Oct. 2nd, from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm. Your 2015 uniform orders will be accepted starting in January 2015.
● Bids for 2015 vacations are now out. Bids will be accepted until the first Sunday in November. Please list all the information on the bid sheet that is required. Any person claiming additional weeks because of prior railroad or NJT service, must provide the details so it can be verified. Members are allowed to take (1) week of vacation in single days.
● The platform assignments on the Newark Division are tentatively scheduled to be there until mid November. This depends solely on Amtrak’s schedule and is subject to change.
● Working Fund Every member working in passenger service is required to have their $100 working fund with them when working. There are NO exceptions to this rule. Also, any un-punched tickets in your possession will result in discipline up to and including dismissal.
● Rail Payroll Every member should have received a memorandum in the mail from NJT pertaining to a new Human Resources Management System. This system is scheduled for implementation on October 1st. The memo describes how your check stub will now show more information, including your personal day balances.
● The largest part of our hearing and investigations continues to be attendance. We have had an increase recently for not being on the assigned train.
● I urge all members to visit the railroad retirement website at and get an assigned “pin” number, the VSP (vision) website at and Great West website for your 401/457 website On the Great West website, members can also update their beneficiaries. These are part of your benefits and are all just a one-time setup.
● Last, but not least, be courteous, look professional and PROTECT OUR WORK!

Member Information Report since last Union Meeting:
Retirements (0)
Resignations (0)
Dismissals (0)
Hearings & Investigations G250’s issued:
(30) in August
(26) to date in September.

  • D Bauman & H Bauman: 8 hours pay each for 7/28 when ordered to perform work before their regular assignment
  • M Nicoletti: (2) hours at OT rate for code 011 on 7/1
  • A Reynolds: (2) hours at OT rate for code 011 on 7/1
  • W Leonard: (4) hours at straight time for 6th start on 9/6
  • J Wendell: (4) hours at straight time for 6th start on 8/30, earnings of BH assignment & 6 hours DH for 8/31, earnings of BH extra assignment and 6 hours DH for 9/3
  • H Carty: 1’15” minutes DH for SV14 on 7/30, earnings of extra HB assignment at ot rate for 8/16, earnings of GL assignment at ot rate for 8/31
  • M Fagen: 2 hours at OT rate for rules class on 9/9 & 9/10
  • T Brown: 5 vacation days & 2 personal days cash out, account railroad retirement benefits
  • G Mcandrew: 15” at OT rate for 8/16
  • J Bentivegna: earnings of assignment RA43 for 7/10
  • R Nisivocci & D French: earnings of assignment AC11 for 9/1
  • W Wilson: 15” paperwork money for 7/19, 30” no lunch for 7/20, 4 hours at straight time for 7th start on 7/26
  • S Booker: (8) hour 013 payment for 3/11
  • W Reseter: (8) dates pay corrected from AC rate to Cdr rate
  • J Pezzillo: 1’30” DH for 7/30
  • D Pininich& N Gordon: earnings of HB extra assignment on 8/15
  • R Carter: (4) hours at straight time for 6th start on 9/18, & 30 “ continuous time for 8/25
  • P Moonsammy: Bereavement pay for 8/5, 8/6 & 8/7
  • A Dudley: (4) hours straight time for 7/28, 6th start
  • P Fresco: Condr rate for (9) days of OJT
  • H Wilson: Difference in AC to Cdr rate for 8/13
  • S Carroll: (4) hour mishandle on 8/4

Michael J. Reilly
General Chairman