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General Chairman’s Report October 2014

October 2014

The Fall Optional displacement will be Sunday, November 9th. I remind members that they must submit the bid sheet properly according to the instructions on the Trainman Bulletin. There is a difference when bidding for an “advertised assignment” and submitting an “optional” displacement.
The 2nd contract negotiating session with the assigned mediator from the National Mediation Board, NJT and the General Committee was held on Wednesday, October 15th. Also present was Transportation Division International Vice-President Doyle Turner, who has been assigned to assist our General Committee. The mediator has scheduled (2) additional sessions for Thursday, November 6th and Wednesday, December 10th.
The Gladstone catenary pole replacement project phase 2 has been authorized by the NJT Board of Directors. 163 concrete foundations and steel poles will be installed between New Providence Station and Gladstone Yard. This project is anticipated to start in January 2015.

This is a reminder from previous months that Rules/Training classes start at 9:30 am. Employees that are not there for the start of class not not be permitted.

Members are reminded that the “paid” holidays for the remainder of 2014 are as follows: Thursday & Friday November 27th/28th, Wednesday & Thursday, December 24th/25th, and Wednesday December 31st.

All 2014 uniform orders must be made by November 30th. 2015 uniform orders will be accepted starting in January 2015.

The recent yearly Steeple Chase was held on Saturday 10/18. All regular and extra assignments were filled. I thank the membership for protecting our work and to show NJT that when asked to provide service for extra events, our membership will be there to provide the service. I had assigned Vice-chairman Joe Morgan to attend and ensure that our members had representation and also to communicate with management any issues that may arise. Hoboken Division supervision later acknowledged to me that having a representative present worked out very well.

NJT issued Division Notice 7-1006 announcing that there will be representatives of outside agencies performing survey’s on trains in late October/early November. Please refer to the Division Notice to avoid any misunderstanding.

Bids for 2015 vacations are now out. Bids will be accepted until the first Sunday in November. Please list all the information on the bid sheet that is required. Any person claiming additional weeks because of prior railroad or NJT service, must provide the details so it can be verified. Members are allowed to take (1) week of vacation in single days.

Working Fund – Every member working in passenger service is required to have their $100 working fund with them when working. There are NO exceptions to this rule. Also, any unpunched tickets in your possession will result in discipline up to and including dismissal.

The platform assignments on the NEC are scheduled to come off on November 17th. This of course is subject to change depending on Amtrak.
Please visit the RRB, Great West and VSP websites and do the one time registration.

Ticket Collectors must fulfill all trains of their assignment. Your union continues to fight diligently to maintain our TC positions. When any TC is not fulfilling their duties or not working their assigned trains, it is a reflection on our entire craft.

The supplemental list calling procedure will revert back to the previous method effective October 26th. This trial was successful and with some minor changes, the committee will discuss and possibly put out a vote to the membership to change this on a permanent basis. I am attempting to have a calling method equal for all those wishing to work their relief day(s).

Rail Payroll – A new payroll computer system was put into service on October 1st. Employees will notice some differences on their check stubs. A helpful addition was it now shows the personal days you have left. Members that submit timeslips are reminded that they must have the slips at payroll by Friday to make the proper pay period. Timeslips are picked up by outside courier at NYP, Newark PS and Hoboken Monday to Friday and are guaranteed to be delivered to payroll that same morning.

Last, but not least, be courteous, look professional and PROTECT OUR WORK!

Member Information Report since last Union Meeting:
Retirements (0)
Resignations (0)
Dismissals (1) a member of the ACTP class

Hearings & Investigations – G-250’s issued – (29) in September and (21) to date in October.


  • G Basil – 8 hours deadhead for 9/22 Atlantic City assignment
  • M Detloff – 2 hours at OT rate for 011 on 10/9
  • R Wachemheim – (4) hours mishandle for 10/21
  • C Kulda – 3 hours for 2/1 and 3 hours for 2/2, both mishandles
  • D Bauman – 8 Hours for performing services in advance of assignment on 6/11
  • H Bauman – 8 Hours for performing services in advance of assignment on 6/11
  • A Marino – 2 hours at OT rate for an 011 in Atlantic City
  • G Ziolkowski – 4 hours straight time for 6th starts on on 9/28 & 10/5, also 2 additional hours for DH to AC on 9/20
  • A Johnson – (8) hours at conductor rate for qualifying on 9/26, 9/29/9/30 & 10/1
  • W Leonard – 4 hours straight time for 6th start on 10/5
  • C Zahn – (2) hours apiece for 3/15 & 3/21 improper handling
  • E McClary – 11 hours 59 minutes for flag assignment in MMC on 10/14
  • J Wendell – (4) hours straight time for 6th start on 9/14 & (6) hours DH for 9/29 BH assignment
  • W Wilson – Earnings of entire assignment of OHFUCO2 on 9/9 & 1 hour additional DH for 9/14
  • S Mckenna – (2) days pay upon returning to service from being off

Michael J. Reilly
General Chairman