Progress Through Unity

Please pick up your weekly check and printout

In the very near future NJ Transit will require you to have, in your possession, the weekly job explanation sheet printout before answering any shortage questions. Payroll Department will no longer be taking any calls from Members on Wednesday asking if the clerks could see what was paid. When you pick up your check with attached printout you can then call Debbie or Val if there is a shortage. They will also require a copy of the printout to attach to the request for payment. If you have Direct Deposit and leave your printouts please go and pick them up. The printout sheets are critical in getting Members any money that they are owed.  The last three weeks, with the help of Debbie and Val, have been very beneficial financially for our Members. Please check your print outs on a weekly basis and notify them as soon as possible.

Thank You

Stephen J. Burkert

General Chairman