Progress Through Unity

Payroll Update

Payroll update; as of today mileage/expense are done up to December 10th. Once it’s done it is processed in another department, who cuts the check, this can take up to two weeks. Please submit expense sheets weekly(Even if not all spots filled out) to ensure you are up to date. These are processed from the date submitted NOT the date worked.
They (payroll) are asking in order to have more time available for them to process payroll, that all payroll inquiries or shortages be directed to Debbie & Val they have established phone numbers in NWK Penn Plaza with voicemail (so you can leave messages at any time) , you can contact them via a company supplied email address and they have agreed to use their personal cell phones to help members. Please be as thorough as possible when providing information, and please be courteous to these members, they are doing their best. One last note payroll is still saying timecards are not being filled out properly, I have asked Debbie to get a generic copy of properly filled out time cards for ALL situations and we can post on the web page and social media for reference. So in the meantime if you have questions on filling out a time card please contact Deb or Val or one of your union officers for assistance.
Debbie/Hoboken division 973-491-7902 cell 973-214-0148 email:
Ethel “Val” /Newark division 973-491-7880 cell 973-277-6117 email: