Progress Through Unity

Pink Time cards Debut on Monday March 2, 2015

The new pink colored time cards are ONLY for missing days or shortages. If you feel that NJ Transit still owes you days (vacation or personal) or you have never been paid for an assignment that you worked in the past, use this new time card. If you feel that you have been shorted in your pay, and it has never been corrected, use the pink time sheet. The company is willing to go back and research” legitimate” claims of missing monies that are owed to our Members. They must be on the pink copies only. The cut-off date to submit the pink cards is April 15, 2015. If you fail to submit it by that date the amnesty period will be over and you will not be paid. There will be no payments made to Members  until after the 4/15/2015 deadline and verification is made on the ” legitimate” claims that were submitted.

Stephen J. Burkert

General Chairman