Progress Through Unity

PEB #248

The PEB hearings concluded last week in Newark NJ. The PEB panel will provide us with their “non-binding recommendations” the week of August 17th. The process of the hearings themselves were both enlightening and intense, with long days filled statistical reports delivered by both sides. The historic all female PEB panel of Chair Wesman, member Deinhardt and member Kenis did an thorough and in depth job of asking questions and clarifying all reports put before them. The Coalition attorneys, Carmen Parcelli and Beth Roma, were outstanding in explaining in great detail our proposal to the panel. Tom Roth, who is the Coalition’s statistician, was above reproach when delivering his analysis of our financial impact review. Joel Parker, the Coalition spokesman to the PEB panel, was superb in giving the timeline on how and why we are still without a contract at this point in time. I will announce any PEB news as it becomes available in the coming weeks.

Thank You,

Stephen J. Burkert

General Chairman