Progress Through Unity

PEB 248

Attached is the PEB recommendation this is our first step in securing a new agreement and the consensus is favorable, it is a big document so we will be reviewing and checking our numbers but we wanted to get it out to members ASAP. Please remember this a recommendation from the PEB and not an offer from the carrier some points can and will be negotiated. Please read the document and become familiar with the RLA  process, and the stage we are currently at. This is far from being resolved but we are one step closer to having a agreement with NJT.

Below is the email and breakdown we received from coalition leadership;

We just received the PEB report and overall the results appear good.  Bottom line is 18.38% compounded wage increases over 6.5 year term, and 17.54% increases net of health and welfare contributions.

GWIs recommended

7/1/11  0%

1/1/12  .5%

7/1/12  1.0%

1/1/13  1.0%

7/1/13  1.5%

1/1/14  1.5%

7/1/14  1.5%

1/1/15  1.5%

7/1/15  1.5%

1/1/16  1.5%

7/1/16  2.0%

1/1/17  1.5%

7/1/17  2.0%

1/1/18  amendable

  • Says parties to meet and work out retro payments.
  • Healthcare contributions are to be at a percentage of straight-time wages, as follows:
  • 7/1/11  1.8%
  • 1/1/12  2.0%
  • 1/1/17  2.5% thru 1/1/18 amendable date
  • Plan design changes recommended: $15 doctor visits; $70 emergency room; mandatory mail order prescriptions.
  • Cert Pay is 20 mins. at straight-time rate for shifts worked as a conductor, pro-rated for partial shifts.
  • Recommended new hire 401(a) contributions phased in over 5 years but still based on gross pay.
  • No recommended work rule changes.
  • No recommended changes to ridership passes.

We are still making a full evaluation.  So stay tuned for more.

Download (PDF, 658KB)