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Using C3RS and your receipt

When you receive notice that a hearing and investigation is scheduled for an incident that you also reported to C3RS, be advised of the following:

When NJT initiates an investigation of an unsafe event or condition and an employee(s) indicates that the event or condition has been reported in accordance with the C3RS/IMOU, the time limits for pursuing discipline will be put in abeyance if necessary, pending a confirmation receipt from NASA.

When a receipt is available for review (NASA sends it via US Mail), YOU must forward it to our designated C3RS railroad manager, Rich Green Jr. (Fax: (201) 649-1987, email: When the designated C3RS railroad manager determines that the receipt is applicable to the event, the investigation will be closed.

IMPORTANT: Do not throw away your receipt from NASA. A replacement receipt will not be available. Keep a copy of this receipt for your records.

As always, if you have any questions regarding this matter, email me at or see a Local 60 representative.