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Election Results

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GC Report November 2015

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Proposed Temporary supplemental list agreement to be voted on at December 27, 2015

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Holiday Party Information


Raritan Weekend Service

As done previously, this weekend 11-21 & 11-22 RVL, crews will sign up for the weekend in Westfield. All paperwork will be there as if it were a terminal. I agreed to a temporary side letter, crews will get gas miles from Raritan to Westfield and (1) hour RT DH per day. There will be additional crews ordered from the extra list to help . Regular crews will not be making extra trips.

Officers Update

Your local 60 officers would like to share some information with members. We meet periodically with management and safety and these are few items they asked us to talk to our members about.

Recent events and incidents have brought to the forefront the term “Situational Awareness” we are asking members to pay attention to day to day mundane tasks and to be on the lookout for situations that can present a danger to our customers, our fellow employees, and ourselves.  

Statistics show an uptick in run through switches and stop signal violations. The local is asking all train crews to be vigilant when doing job briefings and switching in yards while being particularly mindful of our bulletin orders and RB’s 

We are the eyes and ears of NJ Transit aka “Frontline Employees” we have the ability to see and recognize more clearly than most, if something seems off it most likely is. Please report incidents immediately to supervision, NJ Transit Police or dial 911. Report any concerns to the safety hotline at 877-806-8283 and we mean all concerns this includes security procedures, the safety department wants our input and can make recommendations to the NJTPD and transportation supervision. We have already sent some of your suggestions we recived  from ealier posts but please keep them coming

Finally there will be a push by supervision to make sure we are in compliance TRO-12 2.1.10 this pertains to the minimum amount of cars open and doors that must be available to passengers. Please do what the carrier asks and if you feel that the situation is unsafe you have the right to follow the safe course and we encourage you to do just that. Also that management will have trainmasters on platforms monitoring uniforms, and watching times crews including TC’s  are arriving to trains.


Visit SMART Legislative Link


November Elections

Voting deadline is approaching if you haven’t recived a ballot please contact President Jerome Johnson he will help you to get a duplicate in time to cast your vote.


PEB 249

President Obama has appointed Presidential Emergency Board (PEB) 249 to make non-binding recommendations to settle the outstanding contract dispute between New Jersey Transit (NJT) and the coalition of all the unions.

The three member Board will be chaired by arbitrator Joshua Javits, who also served as Chairman of the second Long Island Rail Road PEB last year. 

The PEB will hold hearings starting December 14 in Newark. Each side will submit their complete proposal for a contract, and the Board will choose what it considers the most reasonable offer as its recommendation. The Board decision is due no later than January 11, 2016.

Time Card Deadline

The pay week of November 11th through the 17th will be processed on Saturday the 21st. All time sheets for this week must be submitted by the morning of the 18th to allow time for them to actually get to the payroll department to be processed. I urge all members to submit the time sheets daily to allow the process to work for all of our members. Holding on to the time sheets until the end of the pay cycle will make it almost impossible for all time cards to be processed in the calendar constraints.

The pay week of November 18th through the 24th is a similar situation, they must be in the box by the morning of the 25th. Please submit the sheets on a daily basis so the process is evenly distributed.

Please note, there will be no “off cycle checks” issued between Wednesday November 25th and Friday the 27th due to the holiday.


Stephen J. Burkert

General Chairman L-60