Progress Through Unity

Time Card Deadline

The pay week of November 11th through the 17th will be processed on Saturday the 21st. All time sheets for this week must be submitted by the morning of the 18th to allow time for them to actually get to the payroll department to be processed. I urge all members to submit the time sheets daily to allow the process to work for all of our members. Holding on to the time sheets until the end of the pay cycle will make it almost impossible for all time cards to be processed in the calendar constraints.

The pay week of November 18th through the 24th is a similar situation, they must be in the box by the morning of the 25th. Please submit the sheets on a daily basis so the process is evenly distributed.

Please note, there will be no “off cycle checks” issued between Wednesday November 25th and Friday the 27th due to the holiday.


Stephen J. Burkert

General Chairman L-60