Progress Through Unity

Register to Vote

Attached is a message from your Legislative Representative and Alternate Legislative Representative, Dave Rasmussen and Lionel Giron, they want to ensure that all members and their family members are registered to vote in the upcoming election. Also please consider signing a PAC contribution form (they are available from most of your union representatives)

While we can be proud that SMART TD members vote in higher numbers than the general public we also know that in the recent elections in New Jersey the voter turnout was the lowest on record. We need to impress on our members that their jobs, wages, benefits and pensions depend on having friends in elected office at the local, state and federal level. Please share this with our members. Voter registration forms can be found online at the New Jersey Department of State’s website, . Then go to the Division of Elections for the forms and general information on elections in New Jersey. You cannot register online but you can print out the form and then mail it back. Also for those members who may be working on Election Day you can register to Vote By Mail (VBM). This program replaces the old absentee ballot and the application for that is also available online at the same website. Today unions and their members in the public and private sector are under attack as never before. That’s why we say, “Elections have consequences.” If you have any questions or if we can be of any assistance to you please contact our office, (609) 396-1994. Thank you for all you do for our members.

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