Progress Through Unity

Weekend Storm

Our GC has had talks with the DGM of transportation on the upcoming inclement weather, all employees scheduled to work Saturday 1-23 & Sunday 1-24 please sign up at your regularly scheduled on duty time, regardless of media reports on the rail system being shut down we are to report. Managers will be at sign up locations to direct members and record attendance upon arrival. Please use caution and common sense when traveling and if you do not think roads are safe stay home. Also if you are unable to make it inform the crew callers or call your sign up location and ask for a supervisor.


WE just got the call NJT ordered to shut down service at 2am or after last train arrives back original terminal. Crews will still be required to report to their regular sign up locations at their regular times, they plan on running trains without passengers through the outage to keep tracks clear as necessary. They also want to have the crews on site to start service back up as soon as possible. Crews are to report to supervisors at terminals for instructions on how prep for their runs.

Update 7:00 pm Saturday;

Service will resume on the NEC and DO (Midtown Direct) at noon tomorrow, all other lines will be evaluated for a noon opening. If possible please report for your assignment and if travel is not safe please contact a supervisor or crew dispatcher for direction. Numbers are below and you can always call the ACD (Chief dispatcher) they will be able to help you.