Progress Through Unity

Strike Warning

This is in reference to the letter today from Lavell,threatening you, while we are still trying to settle a 5 year old  contract.

IF, we elect to go on strike anyone choosing to report to Ferry street or any other location will be considered a “strike breaker or scab”.

There is a $1000.00 dollar fine per day. Any money the Carrier compensates you will also be fined at triple the rate. If you earn a $100.00 ,the local will then fine you $300.00. You will also be brought up on charges by the local and if found to have worked while we were on strike you will be expelled from the local and lose your employment.

The covers every member from #1 on the roster to the ACTP classes, you are all to report to the locations that you were given, if needed.

Stephen J. Burkert

GC L-60