Progress Through Unity

A Message From Our Brothers and Sisters at Verizon

Below is a message from Hetty Rosenstein, State Director of the CWA, which along with the IBEW is engaged in a strike with Verizon. They are asking for our help. Attached is a list of Verizon Wireless stores they are actively picketing. Please circulate to your locals and we’re asking you and our members to donate some time on the picket line in a show of solidarity. The strike is in its second week and there are no negotiations scheduled. You will see a link that will give you updated information about the pickets and other events. If while you and/or our members are driving around should you see pickets honk your horn in solidarity. If you do picket along with our CWA and IBEW brothers and sisters ask to speak to the strike captain or whoever is in charge of the line. Identify yourself as a member of the SMART Transportation Division and as either a bus or rail worker. Follow their instructions. They know what to do AND WHAT NOT TO DO. We want to be helpful not make matters worse. This can be a scary time for these union members, not knowing when or if you’ll settle and get back to work. We ask all of our members in NJ to stand with the Verizon workers. THEIR FIGHT IS OUR FIGHT! If you have any questions or concerns about this material please contact Daniel O’Connell SMART-TD Legislative Representative.
Dear Colleagues,
Picketing and Leafletting:
I have attached a list of the 17 corporate verizon wireless stores we are now picketing.  You can find updated information about the pickets and other events at, but the list is attached.  If you go to a site when there are pickets there, they should have a sign for you and leaflets.  If you go, it is very nice if you bring coffee, water, snacks.  If you want to send pizza to the picketline, I’m sure there will be a lot of love sent your way.
If you can go early, from 9:30 – 11 and leaflet the morning group going in, let me know, and I will get you leaflets.
Tomorrow I will get a shipment of 25,000 general public leaflets that we want to distribute in train and bus stops and anywhere where there will be a lot of people.  If you can take some and distribute a few thousand, please let me know.
Call Verizon:
If you pay your bill online – please stop.  Send a check.  That requires accounting and we don’t want to do anything that makes things easier for Verizon.
If you have any static or noise on your land line – call 1800Verizon and complain.  Keep complaining until they tell you that they are going to send someone out, but if they do say that, tell them not to send a scab.
You can also call 1-800-Verizon and try to get a human being to talk with you.  Just stay on the line and swe if you can get someone.  If you do, tell them that you are a Verizon customer, and that you support the Strike and that you don’t want your calls shipped overseas.
Come to the Rally:
Please some to our Rally on April 25, at noon at the Statehouse in Trenton.  We would greatly appreciate your help.
In solidarity,