Progress Through Unity

Hoboken Weekend Service

Hoboken assignments will sign up at engine house at west end of Observer Hwy parking lot (Lot #1) Saturday and Sunday 10-1 and 10-2, supervision will be there to direct crews. Trains will originate out of Hoboken without passengers, trains will run extra between HB and Secaucus or HB and NWK Broad.

There is still no power in the terminal including locker room and offices please contact the ACD for information or direction 201-246-2780. We can access locker rooms to retrieve items, you will need an escort.

The MMC will be a temporary rest facility until Hoboken is back up and running contact GC Burkert with any issues at the local 60 office.

All other sign up locations report as normal

We are waiting on word from the carrier on daily remittance, if there are no locations available to remit, make proper notations on form, they are aware some assignments have nowhere to remit.

Hoboken checks and payroll advice stubs are available at NWK Penn Station information booth.

Monday there will be an attempt to run service into Hoboken check back for updates, we will share information from NJT and SMART-TD ASAP