Progress Through Unity

Rule L-1 item B Information

Your GC would like to offer clarification on the revision of the L-1 and until some questions are answered by the carrier he is asking members to always follow the safe course and report any issues to the local 60 office and the safety hotline 877-806-8283. This is an additional responsibility added to an already full workload, and members need to follow all rules and work as safely as possible to ensure our passengers and coworkers our protected.

  • Please ensure you have proper PPE particularly safety glasses (clear and tinted). Entering the control cab without them is prohibited. Hearing protection is also important
  • Safety Job Briefing must be done with all crew members and updated any time there is a change or any deviation from discussed plans.
  • Prior to departing the last station stop before Hoboken or Atlantic City please make announcement informing passengers of remaining crewmembers location and a reminder that passengers must remain seated until crews are able to move through train to operate doors and traps, this is particularly important on MU or Arrow equipment these traps are not to be opened from the exterior of the train.
  • If you have a scheduled stop at the MMC ensure employees departing and employee responsible for operating doors are in position
  • Establish and test communication with remaining crew members in body of train and inform the ACD immediately and before departing if there is not a working source of communication
  • Ensure you have in your possession your belongings and required books.
  • Have a safety job briefing with locomotive engineer upon entering control cab as per rule L-1
  • Remember that control cabs have video and audio recording and we are required to focus exclusively on the railroad
  • You are required to take appropriate action to control movement of train if it not being operated safely or in violation of rules governing movement, please do so if necessary.
  • You must remain on leading end till train comes to a complete stop
  • Upon arrival remind engineer to remain cut in till you can secure the train or confirm that train is secure.

These recommendations will be updated when we receive more clarification from NJ Transit and we are asking all members to continue to work professionally and safely as we always do