Progress Through Unity

HOS Q Forms

Please be aware the Carrier is approaching members about HOS Q forms. There are certain things that you must remember about filling out missing or corrected Q forms.

1) These forms can ONLY  be filled out while you are at work and on duty, they are considered ” Covered Service”

2) If you have no break in your job they may be filled out at the conclusion of your assignment.

3) If you fill them out on your swing you must  have the required time “Off Duty” to comply with HOS.

4) Please contact me if anyone was threatened with a fine from the FRA, this is FALSE, unless the contents are purposely fraudulent.

5) Any time that you spent correcting the forms, fill out a time card that must be signed by NJT manager. If they refuse to sign, email me.

6) You are responsible for the information on this form, nobody can change the info but you. You are signing it, the info must be your own.

Please email me if you have concerns, have already filled them out without a time card, or were not comfortable with the information that was provided to you concerning this issue.


Stephen J. Burkert

General Chairman