Progress Through Unity

Payroll Shortage Submissions

In order to address and document payroll shortages we are asking for members to enter information via the local 60 page.

Shortages of less than a days pay will be processed normally by Debbie Krake, shortages in excess of a days pay, received before 9:00am on Friday, will be expedited to insure an off cycle check is made available or corrected in time to be included in next pay cycle.

Debbie is still point person and will contact members when resolved/more information is needed, submitted either through the web page or communicated directly to her.

Logging information through the website will be easier for her to create the document she relays to payroll weekly. It will also enable the office to track payroll problems and be better prepared to make recommendations to the carrier.

This is a tool to help us track and submit payroll issues and is not a “payroll fix”. Verification has been moved to the ROC and the acting director is trying to remedy many of the issues we are having, and the union has agreed to work with them to find a fix.