Progress Through Unity

Message from our National Legislative Director

Dear Stephen,

I wanted to share a video with you by former U.S. Secretary of Labor Robert Reich that explains why so-called “right to work” laws are wrong and are only intended to undermine labor unions. Currently, 28 states have enacted “right-to-work” laws and that number is only expected to grow including recent efforts in the United States Congress to pass a national “right-to-work” law that would threaten the Railway Labor Act.

While “right-to-work” sounds good on paper, it lets your co-workers enjoy a union contract and representation without paying any dues at your expense. This weakens your ability to negotiate with your employer and threatens wages, benefits, and your right to a safe workplace.

Click HERE to watch “Robert Reich: Why “Right to Work” is Wrong for Workers”

In solidarity,
John Risch
National Legislative Director
SMART Transportation Division