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NJ Tax Update

Contact Number for State of NJ division of taxation


Fax your W2 to  609-826-4339.
or go to and upload
Attention:Lizzie and Scott they will process your return ASAP


Kathleen D Perna

NJ Transit

Director Payroll Taxes, Accounting and Deductions

“We have received many phone calls from employees including union leadership regarding their NJ State tax refund, apparently when our employees call the state they are told that it is a NJ Transit issue.

However, this tax refund issue is NOT unique to NJ Transit employees, (see articles and websites below – right click on the link and select “open Hyperlink”).

This is a statewide issue for all NJ employers that the NJ State Dept. of Taxation must address.


This year the state changed their process and implemented several controls to guard against fraudulent tax return/identity theft.

One of the safe guards is to cross check the electronic file of W2’s issued by employers with the tax return filed by employees.

In prior years the state would begin the issuance of refunds prior to the receipt of the W2 file from employers.


NJT transmitted the W3 file with all W2’s timely prior to the regulatory deadline of February 28, 2017, as required by the IRS and all states including NJ, NY and PA,

and we received electronic confirmation of each successful transmission (see attached NJ State specifications for W2 electronic filing with due date February 28, 2017).

FYI – the February 28th deadline has been in place historically for the IRS and all states.


Although it is difficult to discern a pattern, based on the articles below it appears that NJ state did not begin processing refunds until March 1st, and anyone who filed

after March 1st have received their refunds. However, it appears the state did not go back to review and process tax returns for those individuals who filed their tax returns prior to March 1st.


Many of our employees have received refunds and some have not, we have been in contact with NJ State Dept. of Taxation on a daily basis, and have escalated this issue.

However to date we have not received a satisfactory response and continue to press the issue for a resolution so that our employees receive their refunds



Below are some of the tax websites and there chat group where tax filers are complaining about not getting their refunds from the state of NJ;

Fare Collection During AMTRAK Service Disruptions


This has been a very stressful month for both you and our passengers that utilize NJ Transit. AMTRAK will be performing work to improve rail conditions in Penn Station NY. This work will involve both redirecting trains and closing tracks. Certain trains may be rerouted to a different terminal during this time. Our responsibility during this time is to perform our duties as professionally and safely as possible. We are tasked with collecting ALL of the fares on the train that we work. Please be mindful there is no rule that allows us “not to collect fares” during a service disruption.

If a passenger causes a disturbance on board a train or refuses to pay a fare, please be polite and explain to them you are required to call for police assistance for a fare refusal. If after this explanation no payment of fare is made, call the line dispatcher and request police assistance. While waiting for the police assistance, please make a PA announcement about the delay. Once police assistance arrives on scene, the passenger who refused to pay the fare will be removed from the train. There will be no opportunity for the passenger once the police arrive, to then pay the fare, since the train has already been delayed.  The passenger will then be under the direction of the police officer on scene.

In closing, the recent AMTRAK service disruptions were never our fault nor were the delays that followed. I am asking all members for patience and understanding when dealing with our passengers. I would hope the passengers extend the same amount of respect and courtesy to our crews, as we strive to get them to their destinations safely.

Thank you and be safe,

Stephen J. Burkert

General Chairman- Local 60