Progress Through Unity

Sleep Apnea Update

All members who were positive or negative for the Carrier mandated sleep test, who already sent me an email, will be contacted in the very near future by a “Designated Legal Counsel Attorney”. All of the emails that were sent to me have been forwarded to the attorney and they will be contacting you individually for update.

***The attorney advised that all medical co-pays or deductibles be paid and they will be included in the case.***

If you have been removed from service for a sleep test from NJ TRANSIT, please send me an email with full details of when you were removed, returned, diagnosis, assignment #, lost earnings and a good phone number. Please do not hesitate on sending the email, this process has already begun. Even if you were found negative, but incurred medical expenses please send full detail email.

Thank You,

Stephen J. Burkert

General Chairman