Progress Through Unity

General Chairman Burkert’s Weekly “HOT TOPICS” News

I have been asked to update the Members, on a weekly basis, on “HOT TOPICS” that directly affect them or their families. Please leave me feedback on these topics at .

A) Time cards for this week must be in the box by Wednesday night 8/30, due to the Labor Day Holiday.

B) On the Conductor Training Program, I have filed numerous claims on behalf of our newest members with these recent results. The CTP students will be paid 20 minutes per day to qualify on territory as per our Agreement. The Carrier is looking at all past days also in their calculations. The CTP students will also be compensated for DH and gas miles incurred  during class OJT as per Agreement Q&A.

C) I ask that any member who wishes to have a copy of their weekly payroll worksheet emailed please send your request to Please include your full name, address and employee number. You still need to pick up your weekly check stubs, they get returned after 30 days. The Carrier is looking to email stubs in the very near future.

D) I have been working with the Carrier in trying to compress some of the smaller jobs, adding OT in some cases, to free up some people. I ask that if you are available to work your relief days please contact the crew callers office the night before and let them know you want to work the next day.

E) If any member has been denied an 013 payment due to not being rested please contact Scott Spratt at The Carrier has recently changed course and is now more restrictive than the FRA in what is considered “on duty time”.

F) If any member has been involved in the  NJ TRANSIT SLEEP APNEA testing and you have not emailed me please do so asap.

G) The “Railmen for CHILDREN” golf outing is at Shawnee Resort on September 16. If you would like to sign up please contact event coordinator    Jim Kelton at 610-588-7786. This is the main fundraiser for our SANTA TRAIN in December for all of the children in need. It is a great cause and lots of fun all day long, dinner is included, we have the poster listed on this website under FUNDRAISERS.

Please email me feedback or suggestions, I am here for you the members.

Thank You,

General Chairman

Stephen J. Burkert