Progress Through Unity

General Chairman Burkert’s Weekly “HOT TOPICS” News

In an effort to better communicate information as quickly as possible to the Membership here is the “HOT TOPICS” for this week.

A) There is a Local 60 meeting this Sunday at 10 AM. Linden VFW, at Linden Station Eastbound side.

B) I attended a new hire class in Maplewood on Wednesday 9/6, there are 17 new members in the class. This class is the third one this year, hopefully there will be 1 more starting before the year ends. The classes are a direct result of my asking for your MISSED TRANSPORTATION SLIPS. I could sit in a meeting and show where we are short-staffed on trains and desperately needed more help.

C) I have filed 158 claims against the Carrier so far this year on Members behalf for violation of our Agreement. The total grievances is in the thousands since some claims are for entire extra lists or entire ACTP/CTP classes.

D) The Members who were ordered to take 24 hours rest under the NJT FLAG HOS change, please start gathering accurate records. I have filed a claim on your behalf for entire lost earnings for those days. I will let you know when I need the information. If you were on an EXTRA LIST and don’t know what earnings you lost please have the dates and we can work the issue from that point.

E) Please make sure that your address is correct with the SMART TD office. We have an election coming up and need your correct address for the ballot mailing. Please send updated info to

F) I again attended the NJT Board of Directors Meeting today with your NJ State Legislative Director Ron Sabol. I used the opportunity to discuss and set up future meetings with the Carrier over issues that are important to you the Members. We are the only Union that attends the monthly meeting on a regular basis to keep current with what the Carrier plans to do in the future. Attending these meetings allows me to plan for your future.

G) RAILMEN FOR CHILDREN GOLF is on Saturday 9/16 at Shawnee Golf Resort, please come out and support the cause.

Please email me feedback or suggestions, I am here for you the members.

Thank You,

General Chairman

Stephen J. Burkert