Progress Through Unity

General Chairman Burkert’s Weekly”HOT TOPICS” News

In an effort to better communicate information as quickly as possible to the Membership here is the ” HOT TOPICS” for this week.

A) I attended the NJ State Hearings at the Capitol Building in Trenton, these hearings concerned PTC, Portal Bridge, Gateway Project and other NJT issues. I had the opportunity to speak with Senators Weinberg and Gordon, along with Assemblyman McKeon on issues affecting you the Member. Again proper train staffing, safety and designated funding for Operations, which is non-existent at this point, were heavily discussed.

B)I attended a meeting with the Carrier over the PINK AMNESTY MILEAGE PROGRAM. If you submitted forms and have not been paid, or been paid partially please email me with full details.

C) I again discussed the Flag HOS 24 Hour issue with the Carrier, as of yet I have not received an email from members detailing when they were erroneously forced to take 24 or 48 hours rest when it was not necessary. Please send me an email so I can further the claim.

D) I attend the inaugural meeting of the Morris County Joint Labor Council, this was on Wednesday in Parsippany. We were asked to attend due to be so active already politically across the state and our office is Netcong. The Brothers and Sisters assembled were teachers, trade unions, Police and rescue. the goal is to speak with one voice in matters that affect decisions being made not only in Morris County but also the entire state when we band together with other councils throughout the state.

E) I am attending an event tonight in Belmar for Assemblyman DeAngelo 14 District, who is also the Deputy Speaker. This event will also be attended by numerous other political persons, and gives me a chance to speak with them to make them understand the daily issues that our Members face while working. I will be attending the event with NJSLD Ron Sabol, we will work together to get our message across to proper attendees. 

F) I will be attending the Railroad Retirement Board Seminar on Friday morning, to keep current on issues for the betterment of the Members.

Please email me feedback or suggestions, I am here for you the Members.


Stephen J. Burkert

General Chairman