Progress Through Unity

General Chairman Burkert’s Weekly”HOT TOPICS” News

In an effort to better communicate information as quickly as possible to the Membership here is the ” HOT TOPICS” for this week.

A) As a reminder ROLLOVER and SCHEDULE CHANGE will happen next week. Please be aware of changes to your assignment or train schedules.

B) I want to thank all of the Members who reported to myself or other Officers about a blip on bank accounts for this week. Due to the early warning from Members I was able to contact the Carrier and the issue was resolved in time for pay-day.

C) I only received a hand full of emails from Members about the PINK AMNESTY GAS MILES that were not paid or only partially paid. If you have an issue or have not been paid please email me asap. I will be closing the time to file a grievance this week.

D) I attended a SMART sponsored event tonight in Kenilworth NJ to show our support for Democratic candidate for Governor Phil Murphy. I will be meeting with Phil Murphy to discuss pending issues that affect our Members. His next few weeks will be very busy but I can assure you in speaking with him, NJ Transit is a top priority on his agenda.

E) If any Member has the original copy of the Tariff Bulletin that prohibited our Members from asking for ID on the train for SENIORS/DISABLED wold you please email me at

F) I encourage all Members to please call the Crew Callers on Friday and make yourself available to work this weekend. STEEPLECHASE is Saturday, if you are available please come out and earn some extra holiday money. The Carrier has pledged to use all available Members who make themselves available.

Please email me feedback or suggestions, I am here for you the Members.


Stephen J. Burkert

General Chairman