Progress Through Unity

New Years Eve

Sunday is New Years Eve and the carrier is concerned they will be faced with crew shortages and are trying to come up with ways to entice an already strained membership to cover all assignments.

The organization has made some recommendations and we will have to see what they come up with to make this weekends service better than last weekends.

We have been shown in a bad light in recent media articles and in political reports, now we need to let passengers know we are the front line employees who are professionals, and essential to a safe and reliable transportation system.

The union is asking for members to make every effort to work your regular assignment if scheduled to, and for extra and supplemental employees to make themselves availabe. While working smart and safe.

Please wear your complete uniform if provided, make all efforts to hit all platforms, collect revenue if properly staffed (or do your best if not) wear PPE, follow rules while working in yards (S hooks), and work safely without shortcuts. There have been recent events where we now have members facing disciple for before mentioned items.


Scott Spratt

Secretary LCA-C