Progress Through Unity

Brother William Gilmartin

Brother William Gilmartin’s son is having surgery soon and is in a unique circumstance that may require help, if you or a friend can help please take some time Sunday January 7, 2018 to do so

A message from brother Gilmartin’s wife;

“He may need a blood transfusion when he has his surgery in a few weeks (we need blood sooner than later so that’s why we need to do Sunday since Blood has to be tested just in case someone isn’t a match or sick and don’t feel it etc.)

If you are either A OR O (William is A+) you can donate blood for William Sunday between 8am & 2pm In Parsippany address below.

Parsippany Donor Center

1259 RT. 46 east Bldg. #4E Suite 410

Parsippany NJ 07054


Please eat before, if you have Tattoos they must be healed & NOT done at a house party, NO ONE Who is sick, on antibiotic’s, or feels like they are getting sick.

Long story short: As most of you know he suffered from 2nd & 3rd degree burns on his Hands-Feet-Butt & Private area. Unfortunately, an everyday bathtub routine turned horrible wrong when he accidentally grabbed handled & pulled the hot water all the way up. Thank GOD it was only seconds before I walked in & swooped him out😔

When you show up please tell them you are there for William Gilmartin (It’s a direct blood donation) 💙They have the script you do not have to bring anything JUST YOUR LICENSE.

*IF they can’t use you blood or get a overload THEY will put in a general bank & your blood with be helping someone else out

Thank you for your help,

SMART-TD Local 60