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Archives for February 9, 2018

General Chairman Burkert’s Weekly “HOT TOPICS” News

In an effort to better communicate information as quickly as possible to the Local 60 Membership, here is the ” HOT TOPICS” for this week.

A) I met with the Carrier this week over the attempt to have an accelerated Engineers Training Program consisting of members from our roster. There will be more information to review on next weeks job bulletin.

B) I am very pleased to report that the AC Line service for the Eagles parade went off without incident. I did work with the Carrier in the planning phase such as bigger train sets and extra TC help. I insisted on police presence at terminals and platforms but also police officers riding with our crews. I believe the added police made everyone’s day that much more enjoyable. Thank you to all of the crews who worked the line on parade day.

C) Attention Hoboken bound crews this weekend!!! Route 7 into Hoboken will be closed all weekend for construction.

D)  All Members as a reminder if you are short weekly wages or gas miles please go to our Home Page and list your shortage. We have been getting very good results in correcting the issues.

E) THIS and THAT UNIFORMS has the New Jersey Transit contract again for this year. I would urge all Members to please order your uniform online rather than calling the store. The online orders give a clear tracking line if there are any issues.

Please email me feedback or suggestions, I am here for you the Members.


Stephen J. Burkert

General Chairman