Progress Through Unity

Please report passenger counts

Supervision needs passenger counts for trains arriving and departing Hoboken and NYP please contact control center, TOC, or supervisor by company issued cell phone once your train is cleared and secured as soon as practical. See daily supplemental bulletin;

Motion for a one time dues assessment

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General Chairman Report July 2017

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NJ Transit Employee BBQ

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In the event of a potential state government shutdown, NJ TRANSIT’s rail, bus and light rail services will not be impacted and will operate on their regular schedules. In addition, Access Link, NJTRANSIT’s paratransit service will maintain normal operations.

All NJ TRANSIT’s offices, terminals and stations will be open on their regular hours of operations to assist customers as they travel through the NJ TRANSIT system.


Attached is the phone number we were given for employees to setup their company phone to be able to receive the E.E.P.S. code for Foul Time.

Please have this set up so that you aren’t using your personal phones during Flagging or any other duty requiring Foul Time.

The FRA will again be cracking down on personal electronic devices.

Your company phone(or NEXTEL) needs to be setup before it is able to receive the Code, it is not automatic.

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On Track Protection

In light of a recent event we want to send a message about the importance of requesting and receiving on track protection or foul time whenever it is necessary to cross, occupy, or foul a main track.

Whether it will be a quick move or prolonged for inspection, repair, rescue, or passenger assist. Please call dispatcher and ask for protection as per NORAC rule 140, whenever you will be on a live track.

We do a dangerous job and becoming complacent can cost us and our coworkers our lives.


Employee Timetables Effective 07/09/2017

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Railmen For Children Bike Run

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Retroactive payment information

Retroactive payments for SMART-TD Members will be included with the August 3, 2017 pay period

For employees who desire to have a larger or smaller amount of their back pay deposited into the 457 account you must contact Great West Retirement by logging on to  or by calling 800-25-GONJT and making change by July 15, 2017. Please note all pay periods in the month of August will be subject to the requested percentage withdrawals.

You must make changes by August 15, 2017 to revert back or change percentages of contribution for the month of September

Employees over 50 who are eligible for 457 catch up would need to contact Great West Retirement by logging on to  or by calling 800-25-GONJT and making change by July 15, 2017. The IRS maximum is $6,000.00 and would be fulfilled by the retroactive amount or would be partially fulfilled and subsequent pay would be subtracted till max is reached. Contact GWR for more information

Please remember retroactive payments are subject to the IRS federal supplemental tax rate of 25%