Progress Through Unity

Optional Displacement Procedures

Trainman Bulletins for the optional displacement when issued. There are special rules that apply to the optional displacement for bidding of assignments and also for assignments that you currently own that are advertised.

  • Unlike the other 50 weeks of the year, if the assignment that you are currently on is up for bid account assignment change or holiday change and you want to remain on that assignment, you MUST BID IT IN. For optional displacement bids, (2 times a year) the crew caller WILL NOT call and ask if you want to remain on the assignment.
  • When completing your bid, keep in mind that there is a bid from the bulletin and also an optional displacement bid. If one (1) or more of your bid(s) is an “optional displacement” bid, it must be specified on the bid sheet.
  • If a person gets displaced, your options are as follows:                                                  
  1. You may make a permanent displacement within 48 hours of being notified.
  2. You may take a “temporary” pick to a vacant assignment for 48 hours. You must then make a “permanent” pick to an assignment prior to the end of the 48 hours of being notified.
  3. If you are displaced on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, you may take a “temporary” on a vacant assignment, but then must make a “permanent” pick by 12 Noon, Sunday.