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Everyone has heard the above adage many times and understands what it means.  One wonders whether the origin of this phrase comes from the Railroad Industry.   In any event, it certainly has modern applicability to aRailroaders rights under the Federal Rail Safety Act Whistleblower Provisions.

Attorney Matt Darby

by Matt Darby

One of the strongest provisions of the Federal Rail Safety Act Whistleblower Provisionsprohibits a Railroad from denying, delaying or interfering in any way with the medical treatment of an employee who was injured during the course of employment.  In addition, if the injured employee requests transportation to a medical facility, as a result of an injury during the course of employment, the Railroad is required to promptly arrange to have the injured Railroad employee transported to the nearest hospital (where the employee can receive safe and appropriate medical care).  However, it is incumbent upon the employee to understand these rights and to affirmatively protect them.  In other words, an employee must recognize when their employer is attempting to interfere with their medical treatment.  This often arises in a context of a Railroad Official’s attempt to influence emergency room treatment.   It is well known among Railroad Supervisors that if an emergency room physician prescribes medication or restricts the Railroad employee for working for a period of time, the injury becomes FRA reportable.  Because a significant portion of a Railroad Supervisor’s bonus is based upon minimizing FRA reportable injuries, they are highly motivated to influence the emergency room physician against prescribing medication or restricting work activities.   However, the Railroad worker must enforce these rights by informing hospital personnel that no medical information is to be discussed with anyone from the Railroad.  In other words, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”.

 In addition, an injured employee must affirmatively request transportation to the nearest hospital if injured during the course of their employment.  If this right is not requested, then the previously mentioned provisions of the Federal Rail Safety Whistleblower Act are not triggered.  “The squeaky wheel gets the grease”.

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