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Member Notice 01/06/2017

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Payroll Shortage Submissions

In order to address and document payroll shortages we are asking for members to enter information via the local 60 page. Shortages of less than a days pay will be processed normally by Debbie Krake, … [Continue reading]

HOS Q Forms

Please be aware the Carrier is approaching members about HOS Q forms. There are certain things that you must remember about filling out missing or corrected Q forms. 1) These forms can ONLY  be filled out while you are at work and on duty, they … [Continue reading]

Penn Hotel Info

In order to facilitate a more effective cleaning schedule in the Men's Quarters at the Hotel Pennsylvania, all employees will be required to vacate the rooms between the hours of 4:00 am and 6:00 am daily beginning Tuesday, January 17th ,2017. During … [Continue reading]

Election Results

LCA 610-A: LOCAL CHAIRMAN *Albertson 77 Morgan 62 *Winner VICE LOCAL CHAIRMAN *Doyle 48 Gaskin 38 *Milan 54 *Run off needed LCA 610 B Dunn 36 * Jenkins … [Continue reading]

Payroll Update

Due to Holiday weeks and vacations  payroll has asked that time cards be  submitted ASAP in boxes no later than Thursday afternoon or at the ROC by 11am Friday this week and next!     … [Continue reading]

New Years Eve Update

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New Years Eve

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Election Information

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Cell Phone Memorandum

Use of your personal cell phone while on duty will now result in sixty days OOS Please turn off your phone and store out of site. … [Continue reading]