Progress Through Unity

Reorganization Information

As per SMART-TD constitution Local 60 needs to be restructured to better adhere to the constitution. This format will better reflect the structure of every other GCA in the nation and will alleviate some issues encountered by our local because we do not fit in the mold the constitution oversees.

We all have many questions and we will get support from the international in on site representation, and financially (they will pay for the election). We will face challenges implementing the plan and navigating the format but will have a better functioning local in the end.

There will be no dues increase because of this restructuring, dues will be continued to be divided as they are now a portion to GCA 610, Local 610 (this will go to your local in future), and Local 60. Any dues increase would be voted on by membership and a LCA would or could raise or lower their dues for their LCA only

Below is  the LCA information from our SMART-TD constitution and the reason we will split at the LCA level only, the GCA 610 and local 60 will remain the same.  

Download (PDF, 210KB)

Bellow is our current format and officers holding the respective positions

Download (PDF, 340KB)

The General Chairman position will remain intact and will always be voted on by all membership of Local 60

Our General Chairman has made clear that he wants to continue to work with the existing team and would like all officers now involved to remain. The positions of Vice Local Chairman and General Committee Secretary will be eliminated effective January 1, 2017. Nominations will be accepted for new positions for each new LCA there will be three LCA’s these positions will be for two years expiring December 31, 2018. Elections will be conducted and tabulated by the international, with no cost to the local

The local 60 officers will remain intact and can hold dual positions in the Local and an LCA

Hoboken Division

1 Local Chairperson, LCA-610A

1 Vice Local Chairperson, LCA-610A

1 Secretary, LCA-610A


New York Division

1 Local Chairperson, LCA-610B

1 Vice Local Chairperson, LCA-610B

1 Secretary, LCA-610B


Yard Jurisdiction

1 Local Chairperson, LCA-610C

1 Vice Local Chairperson, LCA-610C

1 Secretary, LCA-610C

Members will be assigned to an LCA where they hold assignments monthly and dues and voting will be for that LCA only

Once the members of the General Committee (i.e. Local Chairpersons from each of the 3 LCAs) are determined, they will need to elect one or more Vice General Chairpersons and a General Committee Secretary from within their ranks,(the nine new positions in the three LCA’s) as per the provisions of Article 21B, Section 82.

The Vice General Chairperson is currently Donny Albertson and this position essentially steps in to cover for the General Chairmen when he is away or not available on the property

The General Committee Secretary position will be selected for the same pool and elected by the three LCA Chairpersons

Below is a table reflecting the new format

Download (PDF, 444KB)

Hopefully this is helpful in clearing up what is happening and we are all trying to get an understanding of what the changes are and what challenges this will create, we just received this information on Friday the 28th.