Progress Through Unity

Rollover Date

Rollover will be May 7, 2017

General Chairman’s report April 2017

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Crews operating on the Main Line & Southern Tier

Just a heads up from supervision;

Starting Friday 03/31/2017 at 9:00pm through Monday 04/03/2017 at 5:00am due to signal cut in, do not accept any signal in either direction at SF (Suffern) , CP Stirling or CP Harriman other than Stop.

Please ensure you have current paperwork and form “D” books with you. See a Trainmaster if needed, they will also be available in the Port Jervis sign-up room.

Railmen For Children Bike Run

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New York Penn Remittance Room

Remittance room update:

The room is closed till further notice please remit at the 8th avenue ticket window

Checks are available through the secretary’s desk by TV room

Lockers can be accessed through the TOC

It is understood some people may have a problem remitting and that will be noted during this closure.

Important Documents for Members Concerning Assaults

GC Burkert would like members to be educated and have available to them information on  protections afforded them in the State of NJ, also penalties for persons convicted

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Newark Vs. Hoboken Charity Basketball Game

All are welcome and encouraged to come out and support a great cause and watch a fun event. Hoboken vs Newark division. Annual charity basketball that Brother Elijah Ingram and coworkers do for the Convenant House in Newark, proceeds go to the homeless youth.

Halftime performances and of course a great game.

Got the one and only @skdadj on the 1s and 2s.

Saturday March 25th. If you’ve never given to charity or supported a charity, start now. There’s no greater feeling and no better way then support our youth. See yall there!!!!!

SMART-TD Updates

The FRA along with Amtrak have been asking NJT employees for their certification cards and are inspecting required publications. Everyone must have their books with them, you can be moved at up anytime to a conduct or assistant conductor assignment. You must have at sign-up, the latest versions of all books particularly the most recent Amtrak GO 601 and Newest Edition of NJ Transit TRO-5. If you do not have them request it from a Trainmaster and if they don’t have what you need, let an officer know we will try and assist.

The crew dispatchers have been instructed by the FRA to strongly encourage members to not take less than thirty minutes’ deadhead to an assignment. If you do take less than thirty, they will investigate to confirm your travel time is in fact correct, using your home address on file.

Minimum travel times are being researched by labor relations and should be in effect soon as per DN-8-1103. We are still waiting for guidelines and clarity on how they will be used.

There were tweets received from a neighbor of the NJCL mentioning NJ Transit and their equipment. The NJ Transit police department is aware and actively investigating, crews affected will be updated by supervision. As always report anything unusual immediately to the dispatcher, supervision or the NJTPD.

Rollover will be in May, the date has not been finalized, when we get that information we will post

Our next meeting will be Sunday March the 5th 10:00am at the VFW Linden NJ

Information available from SMART-TD

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GP Sellers February Video Message: Our Meeting With President Trump